Legacy Retreat


The Sunday Times 26 August 2012
Invest section - The Money & Me interview

Sunday TimesMoney, says Ms Leahy, allows her to do what she is passionate about. "I enjoy making it, spending it and, most of all, giving it to good causes but I don't obsess over it."

She is well aware of possible criticisms of her view.

"You could argue that it's because I'm relatively well-off... but I also know many people wealthier than I am who are racked with anxiety over money issues and the question of 'how much is enough'.

"They get their self worth mixed up with their net worth," says Ms Leahy, who recently founded The Legacy Retreat, which runs holistic retreats.

"I think it's also important to have faith, not necessarily religious faith, but some kind of belief in your place in this universe, that you are meaningful and that you will be held and supported by the world."

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