legacy retreat


Simply put, Legacy is about a more meaningful way of being in this world.

It is about understanding your unique gifts and challenges as well as exploring the habituated thinking which can hold you back in life. It is also about healing and nurturing on every level, mental, emotional, spiritual and physical so that you can be more alive to appreciate the now, and create a beautiful vision for the future.

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In tandem with leading experts in the fields of behavioural therapy and Oriental medicine, we developed a unique holistic program to heighten your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual intelligence. This will allow you to develop powerful self-mastery skills, alleviate the stresses of modern life and find your inner balance and stillness.

Legacy starts with a chat with one of our expert therapists to assess your suitability for the programme. We carefully select every participant in your small group to ensure an open, engaging and supportive environment.

Then the magic takes place at the Legacy Retreat, which is further described below.

Post the Legacy Retreat, you will leave with practical after-care resources and practices to incorporate into your daily life. We also advise you to continue the process with a custom programme of personal coaching which will provide you precise guidance and support for your journey of personal transformation and liberation.



We offer a variety of different programmes from workshops to retreats.

Our signature programme is our 5 day holistic Legacy Retreat, held in select serene and beautiful locations across the Asia Pacific, which offers you the opportunity to:

  • Get away from the noise and tune in to your essential needs in a safe and supportive environment, guided by qualified master practitioners in experiential therapy, Jutka Freiman and Volker Krohn
  • Rebalance relationships which have suffered from stress and neglect
  • Learn simple and effective meditation techniques to calm the mind and heal the soul
  • Examine your survival structures and core motivations through the Enneagram System
  • Improve your physical wellbeing and energy flow (Qi) through a customised programme of body treatments and consultations with Mark Phillips, leading Sydney-based expert in Oriental and Ayurvedic Medicine
  • Access practical advice on how to integrate what you've learned into your daily practice for long lasting effects

All this and much more while forging new relationships, enjoying healthy gourmet meals and soaking in the fresh air and tranquility.

We have a team of experts in the fields of therapy, meditation, holistic healing and oriental medicine amongst others, who will be your teachers during The Retreat.

At the end of The Legacy Retreat, you will emerge inspired, with clarity about your life goals, values and the ability to be your essential self in all the domains of your life. If you come as a couple, you will learn to create true intimacy with each other and give each other the loving support that both of you need.

We will help you define and start living your personal Legacy - what you wish your time on earth to mean.