Legacy Retreat


Our clients come from all over the world and are intelligent, self-aware and fun loving people. We are privileged to have been part of their journey and welcome them to the wonderful Legacy community.

"A life altering experience. I had been living someone else's legacy and now I have the opportunity to discover and live my own" –client Patrick Kayrooz, Sydney, Australia

"The experience was profound! I was surprised how deep-reaching my past experiences were with respect to my present living…" – Client Lana Pham, Singapore

"My experience in a word – Extraordinary". – client Ben Starr, Sydney, Australia

"I now have a big awareness of my own survival structure and how it impacts my life. I would definitely recommend Legacy to my friends and my loved ones because I want them to have a great breakthrough in their quality of life as well " – client Inez Chow, Hong Kong

"The programme gives you amazing insight, and the facilitators were generous and extraordinary people!" – client Tanya Mackay, Melbourne, Australia

"I was blown away by the facilitators total awareness, compassion, professionalism and inclusiveness." -client Erika Lehner, New South Wales, Australia

"It was the most exhilarating experience of my life and I truly enjoyed the journey to connecting with myself." – client Gwen Toh, USA

"Your model's emphasis on a holistic perspective supported by the expertise of psychotherapists and meditation practice is legitimately challenging a number of preconceptions in the finance world. I respect your courage and innovation in this regard." - Randy Byrnes, CEO of Byrnes Associates, Advisor to Mindful Executives, USA

"A profound deep opportunity to go within and let go of what has stopped me in the past, to learn what it really means to go inside and find my truth." - Yolande Hobby, Mornington, Australia

"The facilitators were knowlegeable, full of love, super skilled. They were DIVINE!" - Johannes Pong, HK, Legacy Vietnam

"Enriching, nourishing, challenging!" - Loren Shuster, Singapore, Legacy Vietnam

"A chance to slow down the "busi-ness" and to connect with what really matters" - Roma Gaster, Australia

"Amazing, spiritually masterful, genius team" - Lisa Crosswhite, Singapore, Legacy Vietnam

"In a world in which we are bombarded by demands for our time, particularly by our careers, the Legacy Retreat provides something quite different - balance. It is a metaphorical pause, closing of the eyes, taking of a deep breath and allowing yourself the luxury of a refocusing of priorities." - Hamish Macalister, PhD, Singapore

"It was all so effective and well-balanced. A life-changing experience with a perfect balance between work and play that provided for healing and to open my heart to life. Apologies, I don't have any feedback on how you could improve!" - Gabriella La Rosa, Sydney

"Breakthrough! Best program I have ever been on and most meaningful." - Declan Macfadden, Singapore

"It was truly magical, I am going home totally rejuvenated and a lot more relaxed " - Anne Macfadden,Singapore

"Volker & Jutka have the most amazing symmetry and truly are incredibly gifted facilitators. Mark was outstanding in Jin Jing Gong, "spot on" with his acupuncture and very present. It was a week full of amazing insight and inner development." - Tami Roos, Melbourne

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