LEGACY RETREAT - Awareness. Transformation. Resilience.

A holistic journey of personal transformation. Legacy Retreat will unlock your fullest potential, so that you can live a life of happiness, meaning and engagement.

Our signature Legacy Retreat is based on our unique philosophy focusing on 4 aspects of self - mind, emotions, body and spirit, combining mindfulness, self-awareness work, body treatments and coaching sessions.

Led by our masterful facilitation team, every Legacy Retreat is an utterly unique, deep and profound journey for individuals or couples, and an opportunity for powerful growth.

We believe that the most valuable investment you can make is your own living legacy - a meaningful life for yourself, your loved ones and the world.


Legacy Corporate Retreats

The meaningful, personal journey’s our clients take during a Retreat translate well in the corporate environment, particularly with leadership groups and regional or country teams. Improved teamwork, mutual understanding and value cohesion at a personal and team level are key outcomes.

Legacy also crafts bespoke leadership retreats which are transformational deep dives, fostering teamwork, trust, communication and engagement. Contact us for more details at crystal@legacyretreat.com



legacy brochure pdfLegacy Retreat


If you are interested in speaking to one of our therapists about Legacy Retreat, please email us at:
crystal@crystalll.com to arrange a time.


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